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€ 4 500 000

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Catering, banquets, and production of traditional Italian cuisine in a vacuum-Packed and frozen. The company consists of two firms (limited partnerships, S.a.s. - societa in accomandita semplice). One is engaged in industrial activity, the other is owned property: land 4300 sq.m and two storey building, area of 1600 sq. m, with a portico over 200 sq. M. On the first floor there is a production workshop on the preparation of ready-made dishes at the second Banquet facilities. The building was built in 2006, the shop is located on the first floor, began work in January 2007 (before this was in another room). Banquet facilities was completed and began to be used in 2008.

For property evaluation includes examination of the Bank BPER (Banca popolare Dell'emilia Romagna) to grant a mortgage loan, an evaluation was made in March 2008, before the work was completed for the decoration of the Banquet hall and utility rooms on the second floor, at that time the amount was 1 728 000 Euro. All the necessary production equipment: freezers, refrigerators, furnaces, boilers, equipment for packing, cleaning and so on, power generator, 8 vans, kitchen and dining facilities are owned by the company. The exception is the filling machine, which is still in the lease.

To date, constantly on the company employs 7 people with full-time working day (2 cooks, 2 employees, 2, packaging, 1 working in the kitchen) 2 staff with incomplete working day (4 hours working in the kitchen), 1 trainee. Drivers of vans: 1 - to 6-hour working day 5 - 4 hours a day. Foreign employees: 42 employees part-time for 2 hours a day (with the serving of meals).

Clients. The biggest client with a turnover of 1.100.000 euros per year - the municipality of Chieti which has a contract until 2014 for the supply of school Lunches. There are also contracts with several hotels, negotiations with the operator of which is administered by 250 points of public catering. The largest commercial distributor is a company EatArte, which is involved in trading of traditional Italian gastronomy. In addition, together with EatArte, a draft release diet foods, the distribution of which is to engage well-known pharmaceutical company. From 2013, the company DAMA adopted 5 new sales agents in Abruzzo and 5 in the Lazio region, supply and trading of products in these regions is carried out by road transport companies. Through the chamber of Commerce negotiations with a canadian company, the largest distributor of frozen food.

Currently, the company manufactures the following products: 1) Ready meals in ATM (Atmosfera Modificata - hermetic package with the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen); 2) Frozen ready meals; 3) the Sauce in the envelopes with ATM; 4) the Sauce in envelopes frozen; 5) the pasta in an envelope with ATM; 6) pasta frozen. Productivity for food packaging ATM 500/600 packages per hour, for mono portioned packages 450 per hour. For frozen food 800/900 packages per hour, can be increased if you add another chest freezer. Annual turnover in 2012 was only 1 500 000 Euro, as the company worked less than a third of its capacity. The cost of business is 4 500 000 Euro.

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