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House for sale 189 sq. m on the island of Corfu in Western Greece. The apartment is located on the ground floor and consists of a Family house "Kakalia"Saved the building of Venetian architecture in the historic centre of the old town Chupakabra information about the building and its history This building purely Venetian architecture, and estimated that it was built at least 450 years ago. According to the history of Corfu, it is known as the Family mansion Kakaire, a well-known family belonging to the higher classes of society, which is located between the Church sanctuary of St. Spiridon and Church of the Shrine of St. Theodora (Mitropolis). The time required to walk to the main square of Corfu town (the famous square of Liston) is only 2 minutes, and just 3 minutes walk from the old courthouse (where there is a large car Park)a Large part of the building, I.e. the Whole 2nd floor (the mansions of the most impressive quarters) with a loft over it, two separate apartments on the ground floor, and two mini-shop on the ground floor on either side of the Entrance, was bought by Dr. Dimitri Dimas (who was my grandfather) from the descendants and heirs of this famous family to society of Corfu in 1923.In the lower part of the historical centre of Corfu is the only independent mansion, which is “free” and air around the perimeter. In other words, in the front part were found the main entrance, is a picturesque square with a triangular flower bed at the end of a small cobbled street Mpisi; In the rear there is a large hole between the building and the Church of the Shrine of St. Theodora (Mitropolis), and on the other two sides are two narrow side road (street Mitropoleos and 2nd coming of Panellinio). In addition, it is the building with the largest area (sqm) in the historic centre in its category (private house). It has a North-Western orientation, which has maximum natural ventilation system due to prevailing winds coming from the Northwest (Maistros).The floor plan has a trapezoidal shape with the longest side located at the rear of the building, which also has a stone balcony with a length of 8 meters on the second floor and serves the two rooms of the family mansion,while on the same side under the stone balcony on the first floor there is an external independent marble stairwell that leads to the outdoor area (approximately 9 m2), was the main entrance to the apartment is the first floor on the back side of the Construction site.In the past the mansion and temple of the Shrine of St. Theodora (Mitropolis) was a garden with a well, which can be found in the same place, but today it belongs to another owner. It is alleged that then due to the increased needs of the construction and building owner at that time sold the garden to build a small house.The building itself consists of the following 7 independent properties:1. The mansion - the main quarters on the second floor, which covers an area of 190 m2, including walls, separating the room (a network of about 150 m2). The entrance to the second floor from the main entrance to the building in a small square at Mitropoleos street No. 15. The attic is not included in the floor space and has the ability to have private entrance.2. The apartment is first floor on the front side of the building with a total area of about 70 m2 and has an entrance on the ground floor, accessible from the main entrance to the building in a small square on the street Mitropolis No. 15 , And looks onto a small square.3. The apartment is first floor on the back side of the building, whose area is about 60 m2, independent entrance from the stone staircase opening, whose arched gate can be found in the 2nd ward, Panellinia.4. Studio on the ground floor on the left side of glavinovich, which is completely renovated and has an area of 35 m2. Its entrance is located on the inner side of the main entrance to the building.5. Studio on the ground floor on the right side of the main entrance, which is also completely renovated and used as small office. He also has 35 m2, and the first entrance on the inner side of the main entrance and a second entrance from outside the small square with flower garden, in which he also looks.6. The office on the first floor with a loft on the 1st floor on the street Mitropoleos, which is also fully repaired. It has an area of 70 m2 and a private entrance to the street Mitropoleos.7. Storage area of about 60 m2, which has its own independent external entrance to the second hallway Panelliniou.The building is constructed of stone in Venetian style and architecture, the stones of the North of the village of Sinies and granite, bricks, which, of course, was used to support the arch of the static weights are old and durable, usually used for Corfu in the past.

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