Bungalow in city Calbe (Saale)
65.00 sq.m.

€ 5 000

House Information:

Sale directly from the owner, which is very advantageous for buyers who do not have to pay for additional services brokers and intermediaries
Additional costs: 1500 € (tax on the acquisition of real estate, notary services, registration, extract from the land register).

Purchase installments (payment for a house for a few months)!
The purchase and remotely, without a visit to Germany!

The house style "bungalow"
Land of Saxony-Anhalt. Kalbe, remote area gorodaTrabitz.
Land 106 square meters of the property. Tax 50 euros per year
section. Other expenses not. The house is 65 square meters, three rooms for about three to
four meters, one a little more, there is an auxiliary building in the yard.
Yard domestic, small, now overgrown.
The roof is repaired in 2013.
From the communications connection has electricity and running water.
The house is brick, residential destination, with a flat roof, are in Germany
called "bungalow". Adjacent to his neighbor's house and renovated it continuously inhabited by people.
On the front side of the house there are three windows. Another window with side
hand there and the front door. Inside there is a stove.
Car parking available near the house.
What's next: to Magdeburg (the capital of Saxony-Anhalt) 35 kilometers. Before Berlin 160 km.
On Saxony-Anhalt
One of Germany's 16 states, located in the center of the country, is considered a classic of the middle Germaniey.Saksoniya-Anhalt - one of the centers of cultural and scientific life Germanii.Natsionalnaya kitchen of Saxony-Anhalt is characterized by its uncomplicated, constitute the basis of its simple peasant dish, this is where there was the famous German pie shtreyzelem. One of the main attractions of Saxony-Anhalt

        Brocken (the main mountain of witches in Europe):
Broken name dates back to a German term meaning "large stone, a piece of something."
 On the night of May 1, in the Walpurgis Night on Mount Brocken, according to legend, witches throughout Europe since ancient times conducted its annual "party" - the Sabbath.
Why Walpurgis? As the researchers say, pagan gatherings with very loose morals in honor of the arrival of spring, that the early Christians believed the secret gatherings of evil spirits, the day coincided with the Saint Walpurga - nun canonized in the year 778.
And ancient reputation Brocken like Witches abode celebrating Walpurgis Night, as well as a haven devils, devils, and so on. E. Associated with wildlife Harz (Harz from the German "mountain forest"), a forest, where actually is this top, which is its highest point (1 142 m).
In fact, most of the Brocken, the uncomfortable and windy. But, according to one of the most famous German Heinrich Heine, the Brocken - it is the very embodiment of the character of the Germans.

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