Purchase in Germany with ultra-low budget

March 26, 2014

Purchase in Germany with ultra-low budget

Alexey is sharing his experience of buying inexpensive 3-apartment building in small town of Gößnitz in East Germany with readers of ee24.com.

Alexey didn't have a lot of money but he decided to buy a house in Germany. This Central European country has a good location, is safe and interesting for investors from all over the world. Alexey has bought 3-storey house for 3 apartments and it has cost him less than €20 thousand. He'll need the same amount of money for renovations. Alexey realises that his house doesn't have a good location but anyway he'll try to rent out apartments to those who work in nearby cities.

Even having made this profitable deal, Alexey won't be able to settle in one of his apartments for a long term. The thing is that potential buyers should remember that some countries don't grant multivisa for foreign owners of cheap housing, and Germany is one of them, unlike Latvia, Spain or Greece.

The full article is available in Russian.