How to close the deal before the end of the year: 6 tips for buyers and sellers

Oct. 29, 2016

How to close the deal before the end of the year: 6 tips for buyers and sellers

According to statistics, in the last weeks of the year are completed a large number of real estate transactions. Therefore, the end of autumn and beginning of winter is a very important and active period for both sellers and buyers. Given below are 6 key ideas that will help you to close your deal quickly and with the greatest benefit.

Checklist for sellers:

- to set the right price

- to create a good impression,

- to provide a large number of views.

The first commandment of successful sales – establish adequate prices. Practice shows that when the seller artificially inflates the price, he loses the best potential buyers. In most cases, the cost in the end still has to be reduced even below the average.

Make sure that the apartment or house provides good impression. Light cosmetic repairs, cleaness, light and plenty of space – that's the key to your success. Safely get rid of unnecessary furniture. If you can’t quickly sell it – just take it away from the selling apartment or house.

Whatever merits may possess your property, the buyer will be found quickly only if you provide a large number of views. For this you need to find a good agent, but also to expose the object on the portals that specialize on sales of real estate.

Check-list for buyers:

- to determine their "ceiling",

- to observe property, the cost of which is 10% higher

- to evaluate the liquidity facilities

The first and most important step for buyers is to accurately determine the budget. If you are planning to purchase a house using a loan, it is best to contact the Bank and find out how much you can count on. Then start searching for the object. Despite the fact that recently the buyers acted in reverse order (first choose a house, then searched for a Bank), the scheme described above eliminates the possibility of signing the loan agreement in obviously unfavorable conditions.

After you determine your limit, look for items that cost 10% more. Many homeowners are interested in quickly sale of the property (especially if they for example has got it by inheritance). There is always the likelihood that the seller will agree to reduce the price by 10%, and even more.

Be sure to pay attention to the liquidity of the object. Inexperienced buyers often make the mistake of not seeing the difference between the transaction at the best price and illiquid housing. Later it will be extremely difficult to resell it. Regardless of your specific goals, the purchase of real estate should be viewed as a long-term investment.

Text – Alena Eliseeva, ee24