Detached house in city Bankya
813.00 sq.m.

€ 490 000
Luxury house, mansion, hotel
It is located 1100 m from the center of the town Banky .10 km. from the city, Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Total area area 813 m ² / yard 2500 m ².
The house is located in the inclined part of the place as seen from the road 2
floors and side yard – 4 floors. There are two separate entrances and are provided two floors
independent living with total internal staircase leading to the lowest floor
elevation (- 6 ) , which is formed as a restaurant with billiard room and kitchen. Level garage
and fitness is built apartment with 2 rooms for savings.
The house was broken as part of it is :
1. 4 floor, where billiards – elevation (-6 ) , gym and parking – elevation ( -3.90 ) and then 2 bedrooms floors with 3 rooms, respectively elevations ( -1,40 ) and ( 1.40 )
2 . 3 floors respectively restaurant and billiards – elevation (-6 ), two floors with kitchen,
living room and dining room , or the elevation ( – 3) and ( 0).
All rooms look towards the east, south and a little west.
The house is by the river and by 4 floors ( yard ) no neighbors.
The terrain of documents and regulation is 2500 m ². Have the consent of the Mayor of banks to design bank consolidation of the riverbed . Thus, municipal land about two acres, which is between the site and the river can be shaped and playground and pond. Thus , for a small investment terrain may increase over 4500 m ².
The house can be processed easily into a hotel, instead of semi-basement room, conservatory and kitchen are formed still 3 or 4 rooms . The same is true for the gym and garage. So the rooms can become a total of over 18 pcs .
By design it was intended , but not satisfied external elevator stops 5 – to each semi . So a wheelchair can enter from both sides of the building – from the lowest and highest ( bottom ) .
The building has natural healing properties. According to Muslim medicine hospitals are being built to a river, which is next door and washes disease.
The house is supplied with electricity , water and gas. There sewerage , drainage and
septic tank. Concrete fence of a height of 50 cm on all over the place plus
bars between concrete columns up to 2.2 m in height.
The house is supertermostabilna because:
- For external plaster has 8 cm polystyrene insulation
- The windows are plastic chamber 6 , German “Schuko ” with a ” K” glass 35 mm.
distance in glass rather than 24 mm . As is standard
- The roof is a concrete slab that top and side rooms have 10 cm Styrofoam
Plants in the house are :
I . electro
1. power
- 3 phase current 3 x 380 V with head and floor boards
- All contacts 220 V type Shuko
- Lighting system – the majority is switching relays and room lighting is dropped from 2, 3 or 4 places.
- It is lightning protection and grounding equipment installation company “Day ” Germany.
2 . Weak
Each room has
- Phone
- TV antenna
- Computer
Throughout the building was built alarm system:
1. with volume sensors
2 . Sensors opening of doors and windows
3 . Cameras for outdoor surveillance with lights
4 . Doorbells with video cameras and screens on each floor with bells
II. Heating – central for the whole building
It is a combination of underfloor heating in large rooms and radiators
rooms .
By design there are 2 x 50 kW boiler gas . There are three fireplaces – each floor can be installed in one piece . new ones.
III . water
Water has all the necessary places and there is a return riser for hot water in the morning in order to release the crane on the floors have hot water.
Each room has a bathroom, a restaurant and daily provided
guest toilets .
Areas of the premises are as follows:
1st floor – level (-6 ) – restaurant with billiards, a boiler room and cloakroom and WC – 190 m ²
2nd floor – height ( -3.90 ) – Apartment for butler , garage, fitness room and sauna – 110 m ²
3rd floor – height ( -3 ) and ( 1,4 ) – entrance with WC, kitchen, conservatory and three bedrooms number – 223 m ²
4th floor – height ( +0 ) and ( 1.4 ) – the same as level 3 , but 245 m ²
Stairs – about 25 m ². Between the third and fourth floor of the stairs is a door being locked house going for two families.
Generator room – 25m ², it has a separate entrance and became a garage.
Enter by car at grade level (-6 ) .
Anything can remodel interior and exterior installation of an elevator
prepared , the building could become a hotel or home for the elderly .

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