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**Todor Alexandrov Tower**
**Plot with a project for a mini skyscraper**

The plot on which the project is planned to be developed is located on the intersection of Todor Alexandrov Blvd. and Zaychar Str. Close to the plot there is a metro station.

The building is 90 m high and it will have a total of 30 floors – 26 floors above ground and 4 floors underground.

The building will house commercial properties, offices, apartments and underground garages.

The residential part has an area of 5,541 sq.m. which will consist of 57 apartments, as they will have their own lobby of 340 sq.m.

The commercial part is with an area of 3,184 sq.m.
The total built-up area above ground will be 9,789 sq.m.
The total built-up area underground will be 3,311 sq.m.
The total built-up area of the building will be 13,100 sq.m.

The commercial part can be made into one big area or it can be divided into shops and offices, which will take up the first six floors of the building. The height of the commercial areas will be 3.50 m.

The residential floors are 19 in total, as each floor will house three apartments, whose height will be 2.80 m.

Above the residential part of the building there will be a panoramic lobby bar.

On top of the building there will be a pole banner 11.78 m high.

The construction type, the standard of finishing and the other elements of the construction and the finishing works are to be discussed between the partners in the project.

The goal is to achieve optimal organization of the costs under the project in accordance with the state of the market and the needs and resources of the us

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