Villa in city Sunny Beach
106.00 sq.m., 2 bedrooms

€ 94 430
**Sunset Villas**


- Location: Burgas Region / Near Sunny Beach / Kosharitsa Village
- Specially designed to give you the coziness and spaciousness you need and to introduce harmony, enjoyment and perfection to your holiday.
- Sunset Villas is a complex of 18 family houses, each with its own fenced garden.
- They are located in the beautiful outskirts of the village of Kosharitsa, only 6 km from Sunny Beach, providing a tranquil place for a break away from the noise of the big resort.
- More details you can get if you call us on +359 883 883 883 or e-mail us:


The concept of the mini resort belongs to the owners of the company Nikola Stoyanov and Mihail Chobanov who decided to create a different place for relaxation and permanent living which combines a quiet location and the closeness to a forest and the slopes of Stara Planina Mountain with the proximity (about 6 km or a 10-minute drive) to one of the best seaside resorts in Bulgaria – Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas. The concept also includes a variety of extras and entertainments and an option for an active break. All this is combined with excellent on-site servicing provided by a team of professionals working in the field of management and maintenance of holiday developments in our subsidiary company PROPERTY MANAGEMENT.BG.

At present Sunset Kosharitsa is a fully finished resort with functioning facilities, trading areas and restaurants and cafes. As part of the chain of apartment complexesAPARTMENTSBULGARIA.COM it welcomes tourists and hosts company events all year round. A lot of families live here permanently and holiday apartment owners come often.

Sunset Villas is the fourth and most elite phase of the mini resort Sunset Kosharitsa. The villas are set on an adjacent plot of land with an area of about 11,000 square meters and they are physically and functionally incorporated to the already existing mini resort. Essentially, Sunset Villas is a complex of 18 family houses, each with its own fenced garden. They are located in the beautiful outskirts of the village of Kosharitsa, only 6 km from Sunny Beach, providing a tranquil place for a break away from the noise of the big resort. With its panoramic view to the seacoast and the coolness of the forest this gated resort combines everything necessary for a thorough rest or permanent living.

The Sunset Villas project is specially designed to give you the coziness and spaciousness you need and to introduce harmony, enjoyment and perfection to your holiday. Each of the houses and their gardens are created with love and inspiration, as special attention is paid to every detail and to your needs the result being a unique product.

Here you will discover the secret of good life and the pleasure derived from a truly relaxing break. Here will be your long sought haven from the busy life in the big city and you will charge yourself with positive energy and inspiration. Here you and your family will feel truly happy and surrounded with care, as our staff will take care of your every whim making this the place to which you will want to come again and again. Here is where your children will play in a protected environment, they will have the freedom to unleash their fantasy, to get to know nature, its power and charm and last but not least – they will learn to value beauty and things eternal, which one has less chance to find in the busy and hectic cities.

In the rhythm of the big city, amongst the numerous meetings and work projects it becomes more and more difficult to find true luxury. That is because luxury doesn’t mean only a nice and elegant home or office but much more – it is a combination of a perfect environment, nice experiences, a rejuvenating break, quality food and wine, an accessible relax zone, secure environment for the children, love, positive emotions, peace for the mind and soul.

We know that these things are hard to find in the city and that is why luxury there is not the true luxury we can offer you in your own villa in our mini resort Sunset Kosharitsa. Here, under the thick shade of the trees during the day and in the cool breeze in the evening, under the clear starry sky, among the glimmering lights and magical shadows you will find real harmony, the meaning of to live to the fullest and the need for a truly relaxing break.

The philosophy of human existence is defined not only by one’s material gains, but also by the way one invests in oneself and how one converts accumulated memories and positive emotions into positive energy, enabling them to continue their development. The complete repose, the positive emotions, the happiness in the children’s eyes, the tranquility and safety of our loved ones, the meetings with friends and the escape from the everyday life are the things that make our lives complete.

Sunset Villas offer you all this at a sensible price. To own one of the unique villas with its own garden is a good investment which will return to you under the form of accessible luxury, amazing beauty, sought harmony, unbelievable nature, full relaxation of body and soul, comfort and security, and, of course, great experiences, adventures, new friends and emotions, but only when you are relaxed enough and ready to embrace all of that.


Each of the houses in the Sunset Villas complex is constructed separately on the respective plot the buyer has chosen.
The main alleys, the communications and the lighting are built in advance in order to provide independent access to each of the plots at any time.

Each house is built within 9-12 months depending on the standard of the building and the additional facilities chosen by the Buyer. During the high season between 1st May and 1st October only minor finishing works inside the houses can be done so as not to disturb the inhabitants of the neighboring houses and of the neighboring mini resort of Sunset Kosharitsa.

After paying the deposit the construction permit is issued within 45 days and the construction of the house begins, unless this period coincides with the period from May 1st to September 1st. In this case the construction work starts on 15th October.


Standard payment plan:
1st installment - 50% of the price, initial installment
2nd installment – 40% at reaching shell stage
3rd installment - 10% upon receipt of Act 15 for the house

Payment plan with a 5% discount:
1st installment - 95% of the price, initial installment
2nd installment - 5% upon receipt of Act 15 for the house

Payment plan with a 5% appreciation (increase in the price):
1st installment - 20% of the price as a deposit. The deposit is non-refundable
2nd installment – 30% at reaching shell stage
3rd installment - 50% upon receipt of Act 15 for the house

Plan with deferred payment up to 3 years and 12% annual interest rate
1st instalment - 30% upon start of the construction and within 14 days from the date of signing of an agreement with development company
The next instalments – according to an individually negotiated plan with the buyer as per his opportunities and wishes. The maximum period for payment of the property is three years and the annual interest rate is 12%.
The buyer receives the ownership of the property with a tile deed after full payment of the purchase price.

The signing of the preliminary agreement between the developer and the buyer, as well as the payment of the 2nd installment is done within 45 days of the payment of the deposit and before the beginning of the construction works of the house.

BULGARIAN PROPERTIES is charging no agency commission for purchasing a villa at this complex.


**Level of completion: fully finished and ready to be furnished**

• Villa Nova (size 106.1 m2) – 94,430 Euro
• Villa Rocca (size 111.9 m2) – 99,600 Euro
• Villa Vanilla Opt. 1 without a verandah (size 128 m2) – 113,900 Euro
• Villa Vanilla Opt. 2 with a verandah (size 144.3 m2) – 128,400 Euro
• Villa Vanilla with a verandah and a basement (size 216.3 m2) – 192,500 Euro
• Villa Toskana (size 149.2 m2) – 132,800 Euro
• Villa Augustina (size 347.6 m2) – 299,000 Euro

Level of completion: as per the client’s wish – the price is based on an individual offer, which is drawn up within 14 days after payment of the deposit and specifying the details under the project.

IMPORTANT! If the client wishes and against an additional fee other extras can be added to the house - please view our Technical Specification section, the paragraph ADDITIONAL EXTRAS WHICH CAN BE ORDERED BY THE BUYER AGAINST ADDITIONAL PAYMENT

IMPORTANT! The prices are final. On the top of the price the owners should pay approx. 4% to 6% when transferring the ownership rights for Notary fees, State Taxes (stamp duty), etc.

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